Monday, 18 January 2010

New Zealand, Australia & Lists

So I'm heading to New Zealand and Australia for the next 6 weeks or so which will be absolutely fantastic!  However, it is causing a few organisational headaches before I leave and so my last few days have been spent frantically working through my various urgent tasks before I depart the freezing shores of the UK.

Some things I've discovered that have helped me in these last few days:

My new Macbook Pro

OK, I'll admit it, I'm now a fan-boy :), it's just so damn easy to do stuff on it!  I've barely ever used Mac OS before and certainly not it's latest incarnations, but it really has been trivial to use.  From downloading and installing software to configuring options it all just works through common sense.  I'm super impressed with the hardware as well, it's solid yet light; quiet as a mouse and runs super, super fast.

It's worth the extra cost, yes, it really, really is.

Gmail & Google Docs:

Having Gmail conversations and being able to label those conversations are invaluable!  Need to double check that all of my paid work related tasks are done?  Simply search by "Work" label.  The Java book I'm working on?  The "Book" label, you get the idea :).

Google docs has allowed me to share several documents with the various teams I'm working with around the world, it that information was just stuck on my computer it would be useless to everyone.  The collaboration capabilities of the on-line docs is pretty darn amazing and they're constantly putting out updates to sneak the level of functionality closer to that of Microsoft Office and pals.  I can see why some business now run entirely off this system!

Just discovered this (yeah I know, pretty rubbish for someone who travels as often as I do), do yourself a favour and join this amazing site if you ever plan on doing complicated trips, it's dead brilliant.  You simply forward emails you get from airlines, hotels etc. and it's clever software puts it all into an itinerary for you and enhances it with maps, directions, weather and much more!


My wife Kerry loves lists, the more lists the merrier!  It serves a great purpose in that during times of stress, you can always refer back to "The List" as opposed to your own memory.

Hopefully I'll post photos and updates via twitter, so you can catch up on what I'm doing and where over in the lands of summer.  If you're over in Australia or NZ in the next 45 days or so then drop me a line, I'd love to catch up!

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