Tuesday, 12 January 2010

IE6 - Bane of the web

Hi all,

So this is my first post in an attempt to blog once a week, we'll see how it goes :).

IE6 - A little help from the web

I've been doing an awful lot of front end development recently and like so many before me I've run across the evil monster that is IE6.

Unfortunately IE6 still holds onto a market share that is too large to ignore and so reluctantly I've been having to put in the various IE6 hacks that are needed to make my sites look halfway decent in that browser.

So without further ado, here are some helpful links I've found:

So "Are we there yet?" - Until IE6 has no more market share, unfortunately not.

Macbook Pro 13"

Oh and I also now have a new 13" Macbook Pro, it was so amazingly quick to set up and start using. I've literally never used OSX before and I haven't gotten stuck yet, awesome job Apple!

"So are we there yet?" - Yes, yes we are :).

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