Thursday, 1 September 2011

JavaOne schedule

Here is my JavaOne schedule:  I can't mimic the nice colouring that Steve On Java has, but hey :-).

Please note the JCP EC meeting is open and free for all to join (Sunday 15:45) - we need the voice of the community there, so come along!

I'll actually be speaking at:

  • 30440 - Java User Groups and the JCP (Sunday 14:30)
  • 23647 - JCP and the Developer Community (Monday 11:00)
  • 23641 - Meet the Executive Committee Candidates (Monday 1900)
  • 23645 - Lightning Talks: JSRs in Progress (Wednesday 0830)
  • 25303 - The Diabolical Developer (Redux)  (Wednesday 1500)
  • 25303 - The Diabolical Developer (Redux) - repeat!  (Wednesday 1630)
  • 37780 - Java Community Keynote (Thursday 0845)

Let me know if you want to catch up!  I'll be fairly flexible about turning up to most sessions, the benefit of attending a conference like JavaOne is as much isn't catching up with friends an colleagues as much as anything else :-)

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