Monday, 19 April 2010

Our new home

Hi all,

For those of you who weren't aware, as soon as I came back from New Zealand and Australia I was forced to move as the landlord was selling the place.  We've found a great new Garden flat not too far from the old location but the lack of broadband at home is still killing me and is sadly stopping me from contributing to my favourite Open Source projects :(.  The new place is taking shape quite rapidly now and it already has that homely feel that only good company can provide.  Mind you it doesn't hurt that my wife is an extremely skilled Graphic Designer/Artist and just magically knows where things should go for maximum utility and impact (how do they do that?!).  It's a good thing that she keeps me busy manually shifting things about so I don't come up with my somewhat ill thought out ideas on interior decorating.

We also have our new Cat "Lucifer" (courtesy of our lovely flatmate) who is great company around the place, but his habit of scratching at the door and meowing at all hours of night is not quite as well received.  But we're determined to stay strong and not let him come in and purr loudly and be cute at 3am in the morning, I wonder who's going to win :)

We live in a lovely area of North London with plenty of parks and small local places/shops for local people, making it more like living in a pleasant continental European suburb than the cold concrete jungle that London can sometimes come across as.  Still, as "Yummy Mummies" with their prams, countless Dog walkers and over enthusiastic joggers go by it's hard to think what I'm quite doing in this type of neighbourhood.  Having started in the hustle, bustle and grime of East London, I find myself missing the soul and energy of that part of town.

So if you're in the North London neighbourhood then drop me a line, I happen to know of a good pub or two to while the hours away.....

Are there yet?  The big bag of unpacked clothes in our bedroom says no :)

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