Tuesday, 8 December 2009

PCGen - An awesome online community

Hi all,

Just a brief note on one of the important points in running a successful Open Source community. A key ingredient is to give immediate feedback to users that post on your forums and mailing lists.

An attitude of 'Go and find it yourself Newb!' is not a particularly healthy way to attract new users to your community. Don't forget that a new user is potentially a new volunteer for your project!

PCGen _excels_ in this area, no question big or small is left to rot on its boards and the responses are always cheery and polite. If you're looking for an example of how to respond to your users, look no further than the various mailing lists that exist under the PCGen banner (you can find them via the website).

The Ubuntu forums are another fames place for this type of attitude and it's certainly helped build their popularity as well.

So here's a public thank you to the tireless volunteers and community users who take the time and effort to continuously reply to the tons of queries we get at PCGen, well done to you all!

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